20 Best Coffee Brands 2021 — Best Brands of Coffee

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The 20 Most Flavorful Coffee Brands Money Can Buy

Organic, gourmet, or cold brew?

By Katie Bourque May 24, 2021 Alyssa Gray

We've all gotten a little more familiar with our kitchens in the last couple months, and even the biggest Starbucks and Dunkin' addicts have to admit making coffee at home isn't as bad as we always thought. That's in part due to a whole new generations of brands bringing us coffee shop quality coffee without having to leave home. Whether you like your morning cup as dark as they come or iced and sugary sweet , there's a whole world of coffee just waiting to be brewed. For the best of every roast and style of coffee, here are the best coffee brands that you can make at home.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 1 Best Every Morning Coffee Brand La Colombe La Colombe lacolombe.com $13.00 BUY NOW

Sometimes you just don't have enough time to grab a La Colombe draft latte on your way to work. In that case, brew a cup of this Philadelphia-based brand's flavorful coffee blend, Corsica. The bold and chocolatey flavors will certainly wake you up in the morning.

2 Best Light Roast Coffee Just Bright Amazon amazon.com $15.49 BUY NOW

Did you know light roast coffee has more antioxidants than its dark roast counterpart? If that doesn't convince you to start sipping light roast coffee, then the sweet, toasted grain flavor of this Amazon brand will.

3 Best Medium Roast Coffee Melitta Melitta amazon.com $7.98 BUY NOW

Rich without being overpowering, these Arabica grounds make for a perfectly balanced cup of medium roast coffee great for a late afternoon pick-me-up.

4 Best Dark Roast Coffee Brand Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee Death Wish Coffee Co. amazon.com $19.95 BUY NOW

A fair warning: This dark roast is not for the faint of heart. The upstate-New York brand of coffee claims to make the world's strongest coffee . But with deep nutty flavor and a smooth finish, it doesn't taste as harsh as you would expect a cup of coffee with double the average amount of caffeine would taste.

5 Best Packaged Brand Superlost Organic Single Farm Ethiopian Coffee superlostcoffee.com $15.00 BUY NOW

Not only does each bag of Superlost coffee specify where exactly the beans you're about to consume are coming from (and how many bags of those beans are in existence), but it also features a different colorful, quirky, and downright fun piece of art that's screen-printed by hand.

6 Best Espresso Coffee Brand Lavazza Lavazza amazon.com $14.98 BUY NOW

Reviewers love Lavassa's dark roast Crema e Gusto , but the Italian brand's medium roast espresso beans may be some of the best you can get for homemade cup of espresso. None of the bitterness or bite that turn people off of espresso exist here; you'll taste fruity notes in this coffee.

7 Best Pour-Over Coffee Brand Peet's Coffee Peet's Peet's Coffee amazon.com $31.46 BUY NOW

Peet's Big Bang, a blend released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alfred Peet's influential Berkley coffee shop, captures what people love about this fair-trade brand. Extra smooth with a sugary sweet aftertaste, this rich coffee is best enjoyed with a pour-over coffee maker .

8 Best Instant Coffee Brand Canyon Instant Coffee Canyon canyoncoffee.co $20.00 BUY NOW

Okay, hear us out: We know instant coffee doesn't have the best reputation. Some of that infamy is rightfully earned from brands who make batches of what tastes like coffee-flavored water but Canyon is not one of those brands. Take these portable bags of freeze-dried Ethiopian coffee with you anywhere. It'll taste as fresh as a just-brewed cup.

9 Best Grounds Cafe Bustelo Espresso Dark Roast Ground Coffee Brick Cafe Bustelo $48.87 BUY NOW

You know it. You love it. Go with it.

10 Best Decaf Coffee Brand Folgers Folgers amazon.com $8.19 BUY NOW

Weening yourself off a multiple-cup-a-day coffee addiction? This silky black blend lives up to its name, and the caffeine-free coffee is worth drinking just for the taste.

11 Best Budget Coffee Brand Archer Farms Archer Farms Archer Farms target.com $5.99 BUY NOW

The sophisticated, complex taste of Target's in-house brand of coffee is a pleasant surprise. Hints of the fruity and floral taste make for a cup coffee that tastes way more expensive than it really is.

12 Best Sustainable Coffee Brands Intelligentsia Intelligentsia amazon.com $13.99 BUY NOW

If you drink your coffee black, go with this bag of Intelligentsia. The fruity and chocolatey flavors don't need to be covered up with excess cream or sugar to be enjoyed, it's plenty tasty on its own. And with the company's Direct Trade practices, these beans are ethically sourced.

13 Best Iced Coffee Brand Blue Bottle Coffee Blue Bottle Coffee bluebottlecoffee.com $18.00 BUY NOW

If you're not from New Orleans, you not be familiar with the city's rich and decadent roasted French chicory coffee but once you have it, there's no going back. So as summer's reaching full swing, take a hint from the people of New Orleans, who know a thing or two about staying cool.

14 Most Creative Blend Zabar's Light Dark Roast Details zabars.com $13.98 BUY NOW

Take it from someone who requires a ton of coffee each morning but always wants to mix it up a bit Zabar's' light-dark roast is the best of both worlds. Each cup of coffee hits you with mellow beginnings and super strong ends but you never know how each sip in between is going to go down.

15 Most Relaxing Blend Lavender Latte coppercowcoffee.com $17.00 BUY NOW

The gorgeous packaging doesn't lie each pourover cup will slow down your mornings (in theory, not in reality) and give you an overwhelming sense of calm.

16 Nuttiest Beans Big Trouble counterculturecoffee.com $13.73 BUY NOW

You know it's good when the quantity is limited. Per Counter Culture's site, "Big Trouble is one of the most challenging year-round products for us to source due to the quality and seasonality of coffees with these characteristics."

17 Best Fair Trade Coffee Organic French Roast Coffee - 5lb equalexchange.coop $55.00 BUY NOW

Not only can you feel good about buying from Equal Exchange (more on their practices and worker-owned business here ), but you can also rest easy knowing you have an excellent chocolate-heavy cup of coffee waiting for you in the A.M.

18 Best Paired With Vegan Creamers Organic Guatemalan realdope.coffee $20.00 BUY NOW

Dope Coffee is a Black-owned, Atlanta-based business that specializes in coffee great for "both novice and coffee connoisseurs." What's gorgeous about all of their beans primarily these ones is that they go perfectly with whatever it is you like to throw in your coffee.

19 Best Smelling Beans Seattle's Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Seattle's Best Coffee amazon.com $4.14 BUY NOW

Take a minute to waft this coffee before you take even your first sip just do it, OK?

20 Best for Cold Brew Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Bizzy amazon.com $14.98 BUY NOW

Specifically engineered for cold brew, Bizzy's grounds, when perfectly steeped, will yield the loveliest, least acidic cup of cold, cold coffee you'll have all summer.

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